A Short Fantasy.

It’s been a difficult day. Nothing is right at work. He loves his job and works with good people. But good people sometimes clash, and today they did. Everyone wants what’s best for the institution. They all have different ideas about what that is. He’s exhausted from arguing for his vision. He sits on the train on the way home, thinking of what is waiting for him there.

She had the day off from work. Their various institutions observe different holidays. She’s been home writing. He’s told her when to expect him, and what do do when he arrives. She has said, as she always does, “Yes, sir.” Lost in her efforts, she starts when the chime on her phone rings. She set it so as not to forget her task. The alarm means she has ten minutes to prepare.

She strips and quickly shaves any roughness from her pussy, she gathers up her collar and cuffs. She is not allowed to put them on or take them off. But she will have them ready for him. She puts out the memory foam mat on the floor of the foyer. She lays the instruments of her bondage on the floor, along with the crop and a blindfold. And then she kneels on the mat, naked and dripping, touches her forehead to the floor, stretches out her arms in front of her, and waits for his arrival.

He opens the door to find her waiting exactly as instructed. He walks past, doffs his jacket and shoes, sets down his bag, and returns to her, lifting her, placing the collar around her throat and the cuffs on her wrists. He blindfolds her and leads her into the living room, still on her knees, prodding her with a few well aimed snaps of the crop on her perfectly toned ass.

“I had a perfectly miserable day, my darling. Time for you to make it better.”

She needs no more instructions. They are clear. She reaches up to unzip his trousers, pulls him free. She gently pulls his scrotum out of the aperture as well, and begins licking and sucking his balls, while stroking his shaft with her long, elegant fingers. He runs his hand through her hair and tugs this way or that at the ring on her collar from time to time. But his intention is clear.

Very little improves his confidence and mood like his naked slave girl, kneeling and blindfolded, sucking his cock until he rewards her by coming in her mouth. She gratefully swallows him.

He gathers his breath. “Good girl. I needed that. Now, let’s get those wrists shackled and see about dinner.”

– The Refined Dominant

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