Awaiting Her Master’s Claim.

Today is a special day.

To be clear, any day in the presence of my master is a thrilling one – terrible but wonderful, always brimming with joy and ecstasy, whether derived from a gentle, soulful declaration of his claim or an aggressive, fervent stake.

Today, though, carries a bit more anticipation. There’s the usual excitement of being reunited with my darling Rafe after far too many hours apart, the promise of the bounty of pleasures and torments that will leave me dripping wet and, ultimately, utterly satisfied. Even this ardor is amplified, though, as my master has forbidden me from pleasuring myself for days – and this is an order I dare not disobey. This week I must wait for my master’s touch. That alone would be enough to feed my expectation and desire. But there’s something more.

Today is the day I take my master’s collar. Today, after I am back in his grasp, after I have brought him release and yet remain deprived of my own, we will go in search of my collar. He, irrepressibly delighted, will lead me, suddenly bashful, into a fabulous shop we’ve visited in the past. We will find the array of collars it offers. He will ask me what I like, and I will find it nearly impossible to speak. And then, one by one, he will place those strips of leather around my neck, checking the fit and the look. There, before any who might observe us, I will tacitly confess his dominion over me.

I do not know if he will do it there in public, immediately after making our purchase, or whether he will wait until we are back in his home and I am stripped bare. But tonight, he will clasp that collar around my neck. It will stand there as a testament of my submission to him, of his control. But it will also serve as a symbol of his devotion and protection of his precious slave, of my desire and adoration for my beloved master. It will be more than a progression of our sexual explorations; it will be an emblem of our ever-deepening intimacy.

Then, and only then, will my master relent and offer the relief of orgasm – and then possibly the torment of many more.

For now, though, I wait. The anticipation builds. And I pray that I do not tumble over the edge of madness before receiving my master’s reward.

– The Elegant Submissive

8 thoughts on “Awaiting Her Master’s Claim.

  1. bebedragon says:

    Stunningly beautiful.

  2. mala says:

    So was it done publicly or privately? :)

    • We tried on several in the store, which was very public because the woman running the store came over to help us choose. She even showed me how to use a padlock with the buckle of a non-locking collar!

      We bought a small red band. Maybe a picture soon. And I waited to fix it until we got home. The official claiming was done in private. That felt more intimate to me. I wanted it to be special between the two of us, rather than inviting strangers into the process. Ella’s humiliation at publicly trying them on was enough.

      • mala says:

        Sounds lovely… I would have been far from humiliated, personally… Congrats to you both :)

  3. greengirl says:

    Lovely – congratulations.

  4. bebedragon says:


  5. Bekah says:

    I can’t imagine the waiting…. knowing that it’s coming. This is beautiful Elegant, thank you so much for sharing.


  6. […] Then came the collar, another joint selection, one that came with a bit of ceremony. […]

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