The Slave Collared.

So, Friday night, we went to the lovely and upscale little sex shop and leather goods emporium to procure Ella her collar. As I wrote before, she is so petite (her throat measures 31cm), that finding a collar has been difficult. We looked last a few weeks ago, to no avail, at a different shop. I had had my heart set on a lovely collar with a locking loop. But such was not to be. All of the collars with that particular feature were far too large, or had inelegant spikes or studs which reflected neither my sensibilities nor Ella’s elegant charm.

But after many trials, and a somewhat nosy and overly-helpful shop assistant’s intrusions, a lovely, simple red collar. While it doesn’t have a locking loop, the nosy shop assistant did show me how to thread a lock through the buckle and an unused perforation to lock the collar around her neck. It’s not a perfect solution, and I may still have one made at The Collar Factory, just for variety’s sake.


But for now, my Ella looks sublime in her collar, which she’s worn pretty much nonstop since then when we’re alone. I’ll write this week about the reasons I don’t require her to wear it in public. For a girl who’s never worn a collar before, she’s taken to it with alacrity. Even having no trouble sleeping in it. She also discovered its more utilitarian purposed when I tied her cuffs to the collar with a short loop of clothesline, limiting her hands to excursions no further than a foot from her breasts, and ordered her to make the bed. An exciting exercise in domination and forced-ingenuity which left her dripping wet and begging to be fucked.

And now for our big Sunday. We’re going to a fancy-dress event. So before hand, I’m going to tie her up, shave her, torture her, fuck her, and then I’m going to put the other gift I got her this week around her neck: a sapphire pendant on an ultra-fine platinum chain, and she’ll put on her brand new black dress, and I’ll put on my brand new grey suit, and we’ll go to our event. And no one will be the wiser that this elegant and rapturous beauty is my own collared, willing slave.

-The Refined Dominant

4 thoughts on “The Slave Collared.

  1. mala says:

    It’s beautiful :)

  2. Bekah says:

    I love the collar, and the way you to talk about each other is awesome. Thank you for letting us in on your journey!!


  3. The collar is great. Red and elegant. Lovely match with ES’s skin. Please continue to share your D/s adventure.

  4. […] came the collar, another joint selection, one that came with a bit of […]

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