The Master’s Duty.

To outward appearances, the relationship between a slave and a master can appear to be about the slave satisfying all of the master’s desires, while having her own sublimated and denied. Providing the master with pleasure while the slave suffers indignity and pain, suffering for her master’s desire and entertainment. And certainly, I don’t want to diminish that aspect. My Ella suffers both pain and denial while pleasing me according to my desires.

But it is the master’s duty to ensure his slave’s needs are met. And that her deep, core desires are fulfilled. Previously unfamiliar with a lover devoted to her pleasure, I work very hard (a literal labor of love) at ensuring my Ella receives many multiples of pleasure for every trial of pain and torture. It is a great delight to see her transported by pleasure, rapt and elated. Whether we are making love on the loveseat, or she is bound for my use on the bed, when she shudders in ecstasy it is her master’s triumph.

My design, when I have her helpless, subject to my will and my whim, is that she feel cherished. I claim her because I want her. She is precious to me. I bind her and torment her because it arouses her. And because it arouses me. I want her to know that she is worth all of the effort that goes into her captivity. When she is kneeling, her hands bound behind her back, her breasts defenseless against my cruel fingers, my instinct – as that of any man must be! – is to take her, plunge my cock into her, and satisfy myself.

But I delay my own pleasure, I delay my own right – a right we’ve together agreed is mine – to satisfy myself this way. I postpone my pleasure so that I may increase my slave’s. Through slow, focused torment and prolonged service. I ratchet her arousal to levels that she has never known, and then finally, after she has begged for me to do so, I satisfy us both together. This is the master’s duty.

The master’s duty is to his slave. That she be cherished, and adored, and loved. That her service and sacrifice be rewarded. That she is rewarded copiously with what she needs from her slavery. This must, of course, vary from slave to slave. What my Ella needs may be very different from what another master’s prize desires from her slavery. But my Ella. She is mine, and I desire no other.

My duty to my slave is simply this: she must know that she is precious. She must know that her suffering elates me. That my desire is not for the game, but for the way it nourishes our souls. That the trust she places in my hands when she is helpless and I am rampant is a sacred and inviolable trust. My Ella knows that she is mine. My own property. And I only acquire possessions of great value.

-The Refined Dominant

5 thoughts on “The Master’s Duty.

  1. mala says:

    Very nice… it is a shame that so many self-proclaimed Masters do not have a clue as to what their duties are….

  2. Discreet Dom says:

    I really enjoyed your post. This is probably the best definition of Master’s duty I’ve read so far.

  3. Bekah says:

    This is awesome Rafe… I bet alot of women are reading this and thinking.. “That’s it… that’s what I’m looking for.. that’s what it’s all about.” I know that I am.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Bleuame says:

    This is a beautiful post.
    Feeling treasured, adored and valued is so crucial in my humble opinion, to the M/s dynamic…

  5. hislil says:

    Quite lovely, and very well said.

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