A New Requirement.

Because Ella and I do not yet live together (we’re working on it), and because our working schedules are often incompatible, sometimes several days will pass that we cannot see one another. Ella has developed the endearing and delightful habit of sending me pictures of herself in varying stages of undress as she arises, or tends to her ablutions. I have come to anticipate and appreciate these pictures. I’ve received them nearly every day for the duration of our relationship in which we haven’t been together.

Monday, the 21st, was just one such day that we were unable to be together. But no picture came in the morning. Nor at night. An entire 24 hours passed and I did not see the voluptuous curves of my delectable slave. An intolerable condition, as any Dom might imagine. And yet, I had never explicitly required her to send one every day. Individual times, certainly. She knows she must send a picture of herself every time she shaves that I’m not there. (What a perfect little pussy, my dear readers. Pink and slick and clean-shaven…)

So I cannot punish her for failure to send a picture yesterday. But I can make sure it never happens again. I have informed her that she is required to send a nude picture every day we are apart from now on. I have not informed her of the consequences of failure. That she will learn at the same time as the rest of our readership.

So, Ella, a daily picture, morning or night, completely disrobed, appropriately shaven, and befitting submissive posture. Each day you neglect this task will result, on our next reunion, in ten strokes to the ass, breasts, or thighs. With the cane. Which you will count, aloud, and thank me for. And then, when done, you will kneel before me and thank me for your punishment with your mouth, just as a good slave does.

-The Refined Dominant

4 thoughts on “A New Requirement.

  1. Your message is received, sir. I shall do my best to tend to my responsibilities to my master.

  2. Betsy T says:

    That sounds more than fair and a wonderful idea! It will also keep her in a sexy state of mind and remembering her place.

  3. Bleuame says:

    Requirements…like these, though sometimes can be challenging and may take some practice to get into the habit of, can be wonderful tools for strengthening the D/s dynamic.

  4. […] may recall Ella’s “New Requirement“. She is required to submit a photograph of herself, naked and appropriately submissive, […]

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