My beloved slave and I will be attending our first live show this weekend. A local sex shop, which has rope classes and bondage demonstrations and various general sorts of kink-on-display, is having a live show in which a male dom is demonstrating play with his female sub. Ella and I will be attending. I’m very excited. I look forward to sharing this experience with her, and we’ve already decided that we will do a joint post afterward to discuss our feelings and experience. So look for that this weekend.

In order to make sure that Ella is as excited as I am, she has been forbidden from orgasm until after the event. It’s been several days. To ensure that she is as aroused as possible – and this was Ella’s idea – she will be spanked and cropped thoroughly before the event. Then she will kneel and thank me, sucking me off and swallowing me. But she will not be allowed to come. The wettest I’ve ever seen her was when she was whipped with the belt before going to buy her collar. She wasn’t allowed to come then either.

These are the basic aspects of my Ella’s slavery. She is frequently bound. Always shaven. Regularly tortured. Often denied satisfaction, often overwhlemed with it. She is required to keep me satisfied according to my desires. To receive my cock, my discipline, my punishments, however they arrive. And she is incredibly adept at this. In return, she is cherished and adored. Prized and admired. Protected and owned. Claimed.

And when the event is over, my Ella will, in a fever of intolerable arousal, be driven past pleasure to madness. And I will ride the crest of her desire to my own satisfaction. Again, and again, and again. Until she begs me for the mercy she knows I offer only when I am ready, and not when she asks. This is the love of a master and a slave. Of lovers living in the moment of their ecstasy; partners who choose to surrender and accept the power of their desire a little differently from others, perhaps. But with intensity that few otherwise can muster.

Our love ascends from mystery, certainly. But it is a magnificent mystery.

-The Refined Dominant

4 thoughts on “Anticipation.

  1. Desiree G says:

    Already anticipating the joint post. Sighing ……..

  2. mala says:

    So how was the show? Hope Ella enjoyed it!

    PS — I am not an Aussie, nor am I on the Oz you’re thinking of ;-)

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