The Interview.

Yesterday, Ella and I attended our first instructional course. It was a demonstration of some edge-play techniques, including breath play. A dominant taught the class with three of his female subs as instructional subjects. Prior to the class starting Ella tried on a beautiful corset that absolutely flattered her already stunning figure. The class itself was two hours long and was very talky. It was sparsely attended, and as a result there was a lot of back and forth with the instructor. One woman, a domme, asked a lot of very pointed questions. To the point that I ended up being mildly annoyed. I wanted to see a class, not hear a conversation. But it didn’t seem to anoy Ella as much. So, here then, is my interview of Ella after the class:

This foray into a public environment was your first as a submissive (or at all!). What are your first impressions?

First impressions, meaning, out in public as your sub? 


It was mostly comfortable. And I think that’s because our interaction really made it so.

You say “mostly comfortable”. What was slightly uncomfortable?

The dynamic of the room being such that at times the attention was focussed on me. And I’m generally not super-comfortable with having attention on me in public. And this is the first time that there was attention focussed on me where it was very clear to everyone in the room that I was your sub. 

Yes it was. You were wearing your collar, and it was locked on. Although with your hair, the lock couldn’t be seen. But when you were trying on the corset, it was obvious to everyone that I was in charge. How was that? Putting on the corset in public, wearing your collar, with your master directing it?

That was…. perfectly comfortable. It was also what made the demo dynamic more comfortable for me.

Meaning it made you more comfortable not to have to be in charge?

That it was clear the relationship between us. And so it rather logical that I didn’t speak up, but instead sat quietly. 

There were a couple of times the other dominant addressed you directly. How did that make you feel? Did you feel like you had to obey him?


Well, good. You only obey me. But what did you think of him as a dominant? Did he seem like he had characteristics that you think of as appropriate for a dom?

Well. You’re the only dom I’ve ever known. He seemed to have a very different style. 

What was different about it?

Hmmmm. Yes. He lacked charisma and the commanding presence that you have. 

You flatter me. But then, a good slave does that. While always being honest, of course. OK. Let’s talk about the actual events. There were a couple of times he struck a slave with his cane harder than I’ve ever struck you. What was it like seeing that?

I’m trying to find the right word. I suppose it made me feel like I wasn’t so unusual. This is a very new exploration for me. And I suppose that sometimes it seems to run counter to the idea of normal that I’ve constructed. Or had constructed. And so then it was, in an odd way, it was almost a little calming to see that type of interaction. 

He had one slave stand on her tiptoes against the wall for a long time. And then had her kneel on with her face on the floor for a long time as well, while he spoke to the class and answered questions. What was going through your head, seeing her like that?

I don’t know that I felt anything particular about that exhibition. You’ve certainly had me in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time. 

Was it arousing to watch?

Not particularly. I think it was interesting and beneficial to observe some of the interactions. But it wasn’t arousing to me. Were you? 

Impertinent. (You should see her grin, friends.) One of the demonstrations he did was placing a plastic bag over his sub’s head until she thrashed in obvious distress. However, she also very clearly enjoyed the experience, indicating so both by words and body language. How did it feel to see that?

That was more uncomfortable. Because there’s an element of real danger involved, meaning physical harm. But while it was an extreme version of  breath-play that they demonstrated, that is something that I’ve found arousing. 

Yes. We’ve done a little bit of that. Including after the event. You clearly found it arousing (as evidenced by the sluice of liquid between your legs), but also very very intense, so that afterward, we needed to talk about it and recuperate a bit.

Yes. Much of which goes back to the internal conflict between what clearly excites me and what I would consider unacceptable in a number of other situations. 

When the event was over, I was preparing to take off your collar for the walk home. But you indicated that you’d prefer to keep it on. Why so?

It simply didn’t bother me to be wearing that subtle symbol of submission in public. 

Are you interested in taking other classes? And if so, what sort?

Yes. What sort? I like the idea of learning about other approaches or types of play. And I am intrigued by the idea of taking a bondage class together. I’d much rather have you tying me up than someone else. 

Well, no one but me is going to be tying you. However, I can imagine that an instructor would need to touch you in order to check my knots, or give personal instruction. Does that sound acceptable?

Yes. Only because I know it would be a very limited and completely professional interaction, not to mention there’s a good chance it’s a female instructor. 

There’s an idea! But you like the idea of being bound by me in public?

With a limited audience.

That does sound fun. However, for the time being, you’re going to have to be satisfied with being bound privately.

That’s certainly satisfying enough. 

Last thing. On our way out, we bought a plastic cane. And I had to give you six strokes for your infractions during the event (forgetting to call me “sir”). You seemed to have a very powerful reaction to the cane. You found it extremely painful, but you also were incredibly aroused. What are your feelings about the cane, really? (She’s smiling shyly and giggling. I should mention we’re doing this interview out at a coffee-shop…)

It’s something I hope to avoid. But. I know it will be incredibly arousing when I do get it as my punishment. 

Ah, yes. And it is, of course, a master’s obligation to keep his slave aroused.

-The Refined Dominant and The Elegant Submissive

2 thoughts on “The Interview.

  1. […] had just left our first instructional event. We stood together by the window of the store. I looked across the street as he tried out the […]

  2. 123Willow says:

    I have never “caned” by anything other than the kind of bamboo cane sold or won at carnivals & county fairs. I was very turned on by it & admired my marks for several days afterwards. I have an aversion to the idea of being beaten with plastic. But I was very turned on by the details of ‘trying out’ the implements in the shop. I often fantacsze going to a store and having this type of experience!

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