The Next Event.

I am taking Ella to an event on Saturday. It’s billed as participatory theater, which means a play party that’s legal to charge admission to without it being prostitution, I think. However, the event only allows nudity from the waist up. No penetration, etc. Which is just fine by me for our first play party. Perhaps as we engage with the community more, we will be more interested in parties that have more… expeditionary ambitions. For now, we are interested primarily in observation and connections.

Because I have absolutely no intention of sharing my Ella with any other males. Or with any other dominants. The idea of her being touched by another submissive female is not entirely unappealing to me, but it is an area which we are only beginning to discuss, and are certainly not ready to explore yet. If ever. And I am not interested in touching any other persons at all, male, female, dominant, submissive, or otherwise. Ella is mine, and she is only mine. I have no desire for any others. And our arrangement does not extend to any others. We are a pair. Not more.

But, being watched, and watching? That appeals to both of us, right now.

Prior to the event, I will be buying my Ella a corset. We had her try one on recently. She is very petite, and has about a 27″ waist, naturally. The 24″ corset was elegant, and certainly confining. The store we love has them only in even-numbered sizes. So while a 23″ might be ideal, it isn’t an option unless we branch out or have one made. Luckily, the nature of corsets is such that they’re quite customizable.

So, we will buy a corset. And I will lace her into it. And then I will put on my hand-tailored suit. Ella will wear panties and thigh-high stockings with a garter under her corset. High heels. And of course, her collar. And my leash. And we will go and watch, and if it suits me in the moment, perhaps I will bind her to a stocks and crop her there, in public, so that all may see how my obedient slave accepts her master’s discipline.

And then, when we return home, she will serve me in private as she cannot in this public forum. Surrendering up her body for my pleasure, and for hers.

-The Refined Dominant

One thought on “The Next Event.

  1. Hi :) I just saw your blog this morning and wanted to say that it is lovely. I love that you are both writing entries it is really quite romantic ava x

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