Change of Venue.

It’s been a long week (and then some). I’ve been working late. I’m trying to get one project pushed through to completion before the holidays. Meanwhile, I’ve been laying groundwork for other projects, spending time in meetings and trading emails to arrive at a clear conception of a project’s framework that must be mutually agreed upon by two strong-willed managers. All this against the backdrop of December – a month that harbors plenty of “holiday cheer”, familial expectations, travel stress, and emotional baggage.

So I am longing deeply for this weekend. Time to spend with my darling Rafe. To drink in each other’s presence. To step away, ever so briefly, from the demands of the rest of the world. To have a singular primary responsibility – attending to my master’s desires.

Of late, our play has been somewhat subdued by necessity. Much of the time we’ve spent together has been in close proximity to others, a single wall or thin door all that separated us from the ears of those we did not wish to disturb. Travel has limited the tools available for his use. And thus bondage and torture have been simple and quiet.

This weekend, though, we have no such restrictions. My master has me all to himself, in the privacy of his home, all the tools of our play at his disposal. I am in for a punishment, deferred from our previous weekend together (I forgot to bring my razor on our last trip, and a slave should always be properly groomed for her master). But I’ve been good this week; I think Rafe might be a little disappointed that I’ve not incurred any additional reprimands. This, of course, does not mean that I expect no other pain solely for the pleasure of my master – and myself.

The weekend also bears the promise of new and exciting things. First, Rafe will be buying my first corset – beautiful, elegant, restrictive, something that appeals to us both. And I will be wearing that corset to our first play party. My master, thoughtful and wise, has decided that we will go with the intention of observing only. He has been patient and careful, introducing me to this world, understanding that it is all very new to me, exciting yet uncertain for me, even unnerving at times – the confrontation with a foreign world.

When Rafe first mentioned the idea of a play party, I was intrigued but unsure. When he found one for us to attend, I was nervous. Today I am expectant and delighted at the thought. A nervousness remains. What if I don’t like it?

Or perhaps, more disconcerting, what if I do?

Before meeting Rafe, my sexual life was boring. And just bad. It was never discussed with anyone – even my partner who was completely opposed to talking about it, beyond the fantasy of a threesome.

With Rafe, it is quite the opposite. Thrilling. Satisfying. Open. Still there is a hesitance to share it with others (ironic, I know, to write this in a post for public consumption). I have never put my sexuality on display. This is a venture into the unknown. I have no idea what to expect, neither from the party nor from myself.

But I’m ready. To explore this community. To see how this aspect of our relationship manifests in a new venue. To learn more about this wonderful side of our sexuality.

– The Elegant Submissive

2 thoughts on “Change of Venue.

  1. dievca says:

    Good Luck, enjoy and if you have a moment — take a look at one of my posts: Corsets 101: Might make you smile or laugh. Regards, d.

  2. Betsy T says:

    I hope you have a wonderful sexy weekend! I’d love to hear about the corset you get. I’ve been dying to get one myself.

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