Such Delectable Pleasures.

My Ella and I have been separated for more than two weeks now, by the vagaries of our various professions. Two weeks is a horrible time to go without my beloved slave. And it is, if anything, worse for her. She has not been allowed to orgasm this entire time. I’ve been toying with the notion, internally, of simply not allowing her to climax at all unless we’re together. So far, I’ve simply put conditions and rules around her self-provided orgasms: sometimes she must purchase them with strokes of the cane. Sometimes she must submit written requests.

I find it unbearably arousing that she must suffer deprivations while I satisfy my own according to my whim. Indeed, all of her suffering is arousing to me. And given how separated we’ve been, and how eagerly I find my hands grasping for her, I have decided that this weekend, when we are finally together again, she will suffer deplorably for me. And I want her torment to be special.

So, we’ve decided that this weekend’s torture will be concentrated on her poor, neglected pussy. She is to be shaved, and prepped for me. Earlier this week I had her write the word “SLAVE” across her mons pubis in black marker. If the word still lingers, all the better. She’s had a number of assignments this week, including selecting bondage positions and devices she’s hoping to try that she hasn’t yet been subjected to.

And so, when I arrive, she will be carefully and tightly bound. Rendered helpless and immobile. Subjected to humiliations for my pleasure. And I will torture her perfect, pink, delicious, smooth little pussy until she begs me for mercy. And then I will use her for my pleasure. As is my desire. And finally, I will grant her permission for that elusive climax. And if history is any indication, she will contort with illimitable ecstasy until her mind nearly breaks. And then she will thank me for it, breathless and spent and owned.

-The Refined Dominant

3 thoughts on “Such Delectable Pleasures.

  1. mrmodigliani says:

    Absolutely perfect

  2. Hisgoodgirl says:


  3. little says:

    I’ll have what she’s having (than you Sir) :D

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