Her Request Granted.

My Ella was indeed allowed to masturbate to orgasm. She was required to do so with a finger up her ass, and only after begging and offering up willing acceptance of various torments in order to receive permission. Already, for failure to send me a photograph on Saturday, she has earned ten cane strokes. Now she has purchased more severe session indeed.

This is not a punishment, of course. She did not climax without permission. But the result is the same. She begged me to use the sauce, in exchange for the right to masturbate. And I will. She is going to be bound, caned, and then I will apply hot sauce to her vulva. I warned her ahead of time, I only have very hot sauces at the moment. The habañero is the milder sauce.

And then, while her sweet little pussy burns, reminding her of the price of her satisfaction, she will suck me off, and swallow my ejaculate. To remind her that she is the vessel of my pleasure, and required to serve and suffer at my pleasure. Whether that is deprivation, or torment. I intend to make her tortures severe enough that she thinks carefully before requesting a rogue orgasm again.

Her pleasure, like her body, belongs to me. I own it. I own her. And I intend to make her swoon with agony and submission.

-The Refined Dominant

Her Request.

Dearest Master,

It is agony to be separated from you this weekend.

Especially when your little slut so desperately needs to come. To submit to my master and be teased and fucked until an explosion of ecstasy breaks my mind, leaving me spent and silent.

I took this weekend to attend to things in my home. And now, sir, I need to attend to one more. I humbly request your permission for an orgasm in your absence, sir.

This is a rare request. And rarely are these granted without conditions.

Perhaps my master would exchange this orgasm for the punishment of his slave when she comes without his permission…

Perhaps my master would permit his slut to masturbate on his terms. His selection of what she is to use to bring herself to climax. Or maybe some humiliation she should endure while her pleasures herself.

I submit myself to your designs, sir. But, please please please sir… let me come.

Your adoring slave,

The Elegant Submissive