Change of Pace.

Last week, I left Rafe’s arms with the usual longing to stay. My travel was uneventful, smoother than usual actually.

As always, I texted Rafe when I was home.

With his reply came a surprise. A new assignment while his slave was away. An order to have three orgasms each week until I see him again.

One of the rules that we have established is that I am never to come without my Master’s permission. As with my body, my orgasms belong to him. Typically I am forbidden from orgasm while we are apart. Often he will order me to masturbate – sometimes every day – for a minute or two without coming. The knowledge that I must not come makes the desire to do so more intense.

He did not explain why he decided to change the assignment this week. Only what I was to do.

Last night was my deadline for the first week. I still had one to go. I was exhausted. The toy collection at my place is sparse and without a single vibrator. But I knew a surefire, efficient way to get it done. I stripped, adjusted the water flow and temp on the tub faucet, and slid underneath it for my clit to be pulsed until I came.

It was strange. A forced orgasm. After two others in the week. Without my Master as witness. It felt indulgent. Filthy. Almost wrong.

Today was the start of week 2.

I considered what the point of the exercise might be. What it meant to me. Why I had felt a bit conflicted about last night’s orgasm. I realized that it made me feel like a slut.

And the truth is, I like being Rafe’s dirty little slut.

So this afternoon, with that in mind, I dried off from my shower and laid back in bed. I accepted his claim on my orgasms, by either denial or requirement. I accepted that I am aroused by my submission to him. And I fucked myself with the handle of the hairbrush that Rafe likes to use on me at times (for spanking and fucking).

And then, per my Master’s instructions, I sent him a picture with my gratitude. And my gratitude for this one was deep.

– The Elegant Submissive

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