Ella Resting.

After a difficult night of punishment and discipline, and service, Ella rests. It’s a little bit of a tragedy, but she simply doesn’t mark. The little lines on her ass are all that remain of her eight strokes…



-The Refined Dominant

4 thoughts on “Ella Resting.

  1. Maybe it’s time to see how hard you can push her? Within the boundaries, of course.

    • We haven’t found a boundary yet on pain/discipline. At least, there’s nowhere I’m interested in taking her she hasn’t been willing to go. I’d love marks, but she takes a hard caning and it just won’t raise them.

  2. dievca says:

    As I have gotten older — I bruise easily. It’s a bit scary to look at….just be aware of feedback. XO

  3. I love being marked: the colors and the raised welts from the cane. I love feeling the bruise when I sit, or brushing over my skin that was bitten earlier. But I am the same as Ella – there are very specific positions I need to be put in in order to get the marks I love.

    When Sir ties my legs so that they are over my head, stretching the skin on the backs of my legs and ass taught, he will cane me at the base of my cheeks, and then I get a gorgeous little bruise where the tip of the cane leaves its sting.

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