The new rule.

Last weekend, Rafe and I had three nights together – a rare treat. He had already decided that I would be spending most of the weekend naked and in service. When I arrived, he quickly instituted a new rule: Whenever I was naked, I must ask permission to put clothes on. Violation of this rule meant 10 cane strokes. (I’d already received 20 after my arrival, for failing to send appropriate pictures 2 mornings of the week.)

I was quite successful through the weekend. There was but one infraction – a technicality, really. I’d gone to change clothes. I was never really naked, only partially. But my master is not one for arguing the letter of the law, when it comes to our arrangement. It’s all about the spirit.

At one point, he said playfully, “I think we should make this a permanent rule.”

This weekend, I failed twice, before he reminded me. And then a third time. At least he had decided that the cane was perhaps too stringent a punishment for this new rule. He has not told me what the punishment will be regularly. But this weekend he administered a good old-fashioned spanking with the palm of his hand.

– The Elegant Submissive

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