A Delightful Saturday.

This weekend Ella and I cooked dinner together. She’s a bit better in the kitchen than I am, but I’m certainly no slouch. The cold weather called for a hearty meal, so I made a spicy turkey chili. And Ella was charged with making the cornbread from scratch to go along with it. Naturally, I had to make it a challenge for her.


photo 1

Binding her hands made for an enjoyable baking session as she struggled to prepare the dish. I kept interrupting her, as well, ordering her to her knees to suck my cock while I worked on the chili, and making her lick the sliced stem of the jalapeƱo pepper. Eventually, I decided that even the wrist hobble was not enough, and decided she needed a more invasive impediment.

photo 2

I gave her a few smart strokes with my palm to redden her cheeks, and eased our new string of silicone beads into her tight little ass. Unable to wait for dinner, while the cornbread baked I ate my little slave’s cunt while extracting and reintroducing the hard little beads into her ass. It wasn’t long before she begged me to fuck her. And when I did, she climaxed volcanically beneath me.

Dinner was excellent. And after, we reposed in the bath, master and slave, lovers.

photo 3


– The Refined Dominant